Facility Manager – Property Manager

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Our client

Important note: This is a job in Denmark, legislation requires you to have a visa and permission to work in Denmark. This is not something we or our client cover. Applications are received from Denmark only and as you will be required to interview, you must understand, speak and write Danish.

We are looking for this profile for a company In the area around Copenhagen. It is a rather lively company with many social events. The company operates in the sales and service field. . In Denmark about 159 employees. The position reports to the company’s Operations Manager.

Facility Manager – The property Manager supports the company’s operations managers and business unit managers with property management on all company allocations. Tasks are expected to be completed efficiently and at the lowest reasonable cost. The aim is that everything works in everyday life and no operations managers, business units or others spend time on these tasks. In addition, participation and support on various new projects dealing with the physical environment of the operation.


The Property Manager is responsible for ensuring that all fixed installations, operational equipment and the physical environment are working optimally in all the company’s locations. This means responsibility for the installation, maintenance and repair of operating equipment, fixed installations and fixed operating activities in the premises operated by the company. Responsibilities include activities that are vital to the functioning of the physical environment, including:

Liaising with authorities such as the Food Safety Authority, the Labour Safety Authority, the Safety Authority, and ensuring a health and safety review;
Operating equipment, such as machinery, refrigeration, vehicles, dishwashing and cleaning production facilities, presentation modules, pallet lifters, sack trucks and other operating inventory;
Fixed installations; electricity, plumbing, alarm, air-con, keys, locks, doors and gates and the general functioning of the premises. Dialogue with landlords and tradesmen.
Fixed operational activities: refuse collection, mortgage, cleaning, mail/parcels;
Project management of renovation projects: continuous follow-up and optimisation of operating costs in collaboration with the Operations Manager;
Oversee the order and structure of operations and must act as a role model for the company’s values.


Seeking that all machines are working and servicing is done regularly;
Ensure the business complies with the various regulatory requirements;
Ongoing maintenance and repairs of the operational equipment; machinery, refrigeration and freezing;
Regular inspection and maintenance of vehicles;
Make ongoing repairs to various installations or book tradesmen to do so;
Make key for employees and handle all dialogue regarding the premises with landlords;
Ensure the regular operational activities are done most optimally dialogue with the operations manager on the various allocations, and;
Be the closing factor on new property projects and make sure the projects come to completion.

Budget responsibility

Responsible maintenance of operating funds and that there are no unforeseen costs in the operation of our operating equipment, vehicles and premises.

The Property Manager has no staff responsibilities.

Experience and skills requirements

Technical knowledge of our operating equipment and handy in relation to repairs; Understanding of our investments in equipment;
Planning and coordinating property tasks;
Close and positive working relationships must be established with all operations departments within the company, business unit managers and finance.

Professional Qualifications

Warehouse and logistics training or experience in engineering, processes and manufacturing;
Driverslicense, normal car.

Personal Qualifications

By nature be initiative, driven by results, social intelligence, interpersonal skills, customer-oriented, adheres to company values.

Applications and CV

Kindly be sure your application will be sent by this form. Only applications and CVs arriving this way will be included in the recruitment process.

Contact information:

Edwards Griegs gade 7,
2100 Copenhagen Ø
SVP Mikkel Foss
CVR Number 29741239