Q & A

This is made so you can see how we overall look at different topics in The Humanius Group.

To apply, you must be of legal age; this age may differ from country to country. We do not select by age or age groups. We ask you not to list your birthday, as we do not choose on it.
It is the matching amount of talent for a given position that determines whether we think you match a position. However, concerning more demanding jobs, we see experience gained over many years as a high value. So many of our employees have been working with us since 1973, and we are so lucky they are assisting in our mentor system, and it gives us a massive benefit in the daily operation.

We do not select based on the following concepts:

  • Political beliefs;
  • Sexual affiliation;
  • A relationship with a trade union;
  • Whether you have children or not have children, whether you are expected to have children;
  • Age;
  • Whether you are married, single and/or living alone;
  • Whether you are a man or a woman;
  • Physical appearance.

We form a number of selection criteria based on the total amount of relevant talent you have with you. We focus on:

  • Competencies, knowledge and skills;
  • Work experience, theoretical ballast;
  • Relevant intelligence, professionalism;
  • Capacity, capability;
  • Apptitudes;
  • Adaptability, attitudes;
  • Absorption, Engagement.

Alignment and effect: Success factors and targets.
Company and job: Company culture, the senior management belief,
Management defined direction and the daily tasks.

Applicable photo ID must be presented at the first physical interview;
Original exam evidence must be received for the first physical interview;
Written references should be submitted at the first physical interview.

During the recruitment period, all candidates must obtain a criminal record that is without remarks.

In case you will work with children and young people we will ask for child tests in the countries where this is possible. It is a requirement for employment that there are no remarks of any kind.

We invite all generations to work in the Humanius Groups companies, projects and activities.
We work with the generations based on the different characteristics, defined in context, behavior and consumption. And we believe it is only to the advantage of an organization to cover broadly, and welcome the differences.

All candidates undergo a background check, just as we do a reference check for all previous line managers you have had reference to, where this is possible. The references are obtained by specially trained HR employees, these ensure the right questions are asked and a concluded result is prepared.
We may be in a situation that we receive responses that are not in accordance with the signals we have received from you, in this case, we may ask you to describe your side of the story.
We do not offer candidates to gain direct insight into what the referees in each individual case have provided HR information and especially the referee interview is only reserved for HR insights that pass on a concluded summary. This also protects the referees.
We reserve the right to keep the outcome of reference calls internally confidential.

It is quite natural that you sometimes spend time finding your next job, just as it is quite natural that some people choose to take a break from working life, or some may choose to take part in other work or in the defence, etc. It is quite OK, we simply ask you to account for the periods and what happened during the periods.

We have a number of frameworks for working in various companies, projects and activities.
But we also have a few things we do not find acceptance for, which can mean immediate resignation, these are mentioned for the sake of good order here:

  • Verbal threats against another employee or manager;
  • Sexual approaches were not found acceptable by the recipient.

All frameworks are defined in our employee handbook, consultant handbook, management handbook or protocol of the board; this must always be followed.

A set of fixed guidelines area also highlighted here:

  • All employees must have a salary that matches the market and the country in which they work;
  • All women and men must have equal pay;
  • In countries where an employee is not covered by a country’s sick system, all employees must be offered insurance that covers the individual employee’s right to medical care and stays in a hospital;
  • Guests as a company, project or activity under The Humanius Group must be insured during the period they are guests of The Humanius Group;
  • Interns must be offered insurance; we must secure a salary that can cover rent, board and lodging, insurance, as well as an out and a home trip;
  • National and International Interns must be offered the same;
  • In case of pandemics or natural disasters, instructions from global HR must be followed; this applies to all senior management, managers, employees, Interns and volunteers;
  • All CEO, MD; GM, Country Managers have a direct dotted line to global HR and have to fully follow the guidelines defined and communicated from Global HR;
  • All employees, Interns and volunteers must secure Global HR have an emergency lift related to who to contact in case of an accident;
  • All Interns must sign an Interns agreement;
  • All volunteers must sign a voluntary agreement.

You can easily be a talented employee, but the employee does not have to be a successful leader!
We believe that an extra amount of talent is needed in order to be an successful leader, therefore a leadership position will also have described a separate area that focuses on the amount of talent a leader must have.