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Here you can send your application to the global search and selection company 4selection:

If you want to send us an application for a specific job, Kindly click here.
We welcome you to read out Q&A related to applying for a job. we also advise you to read our Candidate Policy. 

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When you click submit you approve the frames for working together with the global recruitment company 4selection and are giving your consent so that we can keep your information confidential and store it related to a recruitment process. We do follow fully the Danish law and The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) related to data.

At the same time, you consent that 4selection give access to your application, curriculum vitae to relevant people working in the Humanius Group and clients 4selections are working with globally.

The law defines that this consent you can pull back, and we will after you have informed us only have your first name, last name, email and a list of the files we have had in file. To ask to pull back your consent, kindly click here. 

Candidatedatabank.com is a 4selections job portal. 4selection is a registered company in Denmark, with a registered company number: DK-29741239. Our permission to have a recruitment company governed by Danish and European legislation. Danish Data Protection Agency approval/reg no: 2006-46-0353.

To protect candidates we can not inform you about the status of an ongoing recruitment process by phone. You will have to contact the Advisor by email, and the Advisor will then get back to you and will ask you some questions that clarify your identity. We take confidentiality very seriously.